Hop off the Press

Grappling with Colour Gamut

Colour gamut is the complete range or scope of colour a device, such as a monitor or printer, can reproduce. The wider your colour gamut is, the more saturated your colours will be. When your colour gamut is reduced, so is the saturation in your colours - a phenomenon...

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Heidelberg Windmill Platen Press

Meet Wynston, our 1953 Original Heidelberg Windmill platen press. Don't let his age fool you. Even though he would be considered an antique today, Wynston continues to prove his worth day in and day out. The Original Heidelberg press, also known as "The Prince of...

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Blind Debossing

To create a blind impression (or debossing) means to print without using ink. This is a subtle way to add beautiful texture without colour. Generally, we would add colour to any text or small, detailed designs but since this was our first run with Wynston we were not...

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